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Courses Offered


  • Understanding Islam
  • Christianity and Islam
  • Introduction to the Qur’an
  • Early Islamic History
  • Introduction to Sharia
  • Christian Apologetics and Islam
  • Ministry to Muslims
  • New Theories on Islamic Origins
  • Islamic Terrorism
  • Arabic


The Christian Institute of Islamic Studies seeks to equip the church to lead the Muslim world to faith in Jesus Christ by helping create a vision for Muslim evangelism, a compassion for Muslim people, and fervor for sharing the gospel with Muslims.



The Christian Institute of Islamic Studies offers four- and eight-hour seminars to churches, ministries, and other community organizations. Topics covered in the four-hour seminar include the origins of Islam, beliefs and practices of Muslims, basic Islamic theology, Muslim misunderstandings of Christianity and how to overcome them, how to develop relationships with Muslims, and methods of sharing the gospel with Muslims. The eight-hour seminar adds the additional topics of eastern cultural paradigms and their implications for evangelism to Muslims, the Qur’an on Jesus and Christianity, and cultural considerations when visiting a Muslim home or hosting Muslims in your home.



TCIIS leads local outreach projects to Muslims and other refugees and asylum-seekers. We meet humanitarian needs, create relationships, and share the gospel. We desire to start Bible studies and ultimately plant churches among the many nationalities that have come to make the US home. 

We also lead short-term missions teams to minister the gospel to Muslims overseas, whether in the Middle East, European cities, or wherever Muslims live.


Partnership Opportunities

Please support the ministry of The Christian Institute of Islamic Studies. TCIIS relies on private donations for its existence. To donate, go to www.tciis.org and click on the “Donate” button. Or you may mail a check made payable to “TCIIS” to P.O. Box 790042, San Antonio, TX 78279. The IRS has recognized TCIIS as a 501(c)3 charity. Donations are tax deductible.

Host a TCIIS seminar at your church or organization.

Pray for the ministry of TCIIS.

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