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Speaking and Training

Church seminars

The Christian Institute of Islamic Studies provides training seminars on Islam and effective gospel ministry to Muslims. We offer seminars of four hours, eight hours and eighteen hours. The seminars are divided into two parts. Part one addresses some or all of the following topics: the history and development of Islam, the person of Muhammad, the Qur’an, the Hadith, the beliefs and practices of Muslims, folk Islam, women and Islam, Islamic terrorism, and various groups within Islam. Part two addresses ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ to Muslims. It covers topics such as developing relationships with Muslims, cultural considerations, dealing with theological barriers, and sharing the gospel with Muslims in an effective way.

The four hour seminar provides the most basic information. We spend approximately two hours on each part. The eight hour seminar provides much greater depth. This seminar spends five hours on part one and three hours on part two. The eighteen hour seminar is our most in-depth seminar. We devote about fourteen hours on part one and four hours on part two.

Speaking engagements

TCIIS principals preach sermons at churches and provides short addresses introducing TCIIS and its work. They lecture at conference on various topics related to Islam, such as ISIS, Al Qaeda, Islamic terrorism, and national security issues. They speak at civic organizations such as Rotary clubs, Elks clubs, and American Legion posts. TCIIS also provides seminars to non-sectarian groups and other organizations.

Business training

TCIIS provides training to businesses and other organizations with Muslim employees, customers and clients. This training introduces the religion of Islam, and explores the culture and worldview of Muslims in order to allow businesses to interact with Muslims in a fruitful and positive way.

To schedule a seminar or speaking engagement, please contact us at TCIISinfo@gmail.com.

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