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Principal One

Due to security concerns, we are obscuring the identity of principal one.

Principal one serves as founder and director of The Christian Institute of Islamic Studies (TCIIS). He studied at The University of Texas at Austin, earning a Bachelor of Arts (with honors) in Middle Eastern Studies and Government. He then earned his Juris Doctor at The University of Texas School of Law. Later in life, he obtained a Master’s degree in Islamic Studies. He is fluent in Persian (Farsi) and has a workable knowledge of Arabic.

He began his profession career practicing law for twelve years in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. In the late 1990’s, he moved with his children and late wife to a Middle Eastern country where he worked as an underground missionary. His area of responsibility was a city of 14 million, where he focused on training underground church leaders. He also did personal evangelism and discipleship. During the course of his work, he shared time with many high-ranking government officials, including a high-level operative in Hezbollah. He volunteered as a Persian-English interpreter for the relief effort after the earthquake in Bam, Iran, and assisted organizations such as Islamic Relief, the Red Crescent Society of Iran, and the Thai Army Medical team.

He is a certified leadership coach and has conducted leadership training seminars in the UAE, Kenya, Cyprus, Turkey, and the United States.

Prior to founding TCIIS, he served as an adjunct instructor at two Middle Eastern universities, and spent many years as an adjunct faculty member of a Christian university in Texas. He was a guest lecturer at Baylor University in Waco and St. Edward’s University in Austin. In May 2010, he was awarded the 2009-2010 Adjunct Professor of the Year award by the university where he taught.

Since founding TCIIS, he has taught Islamic Studies courses at multiple Christian colleges and universities around the country. His course offerings include “Understanding Islam,” “Early Islamic History,” “The Qur’an,” and “Introduction to Sharia.” He frequently trains churches, pastors, and missionaries on the religion of Islam and effective gospel ministry to Muslims. He is also a frequent conference speaker on issues related to Islam, including terrorism, culture, worldview, theology, and US foreign policy issues. He also trains secular businesses on fruitful interaction with Muslim employees and customers. Principal one is married to principal two, who partners with him in the ministry of TCIIS.

Together, they teach and speak about Islam and outreach to Muslims. Additionally, they head outreach efforts to refugee people groups in San Antonio as well as lead small teams on short-term mission trips to the Middle East.

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