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On uttering the words “radical Islam”

President Obama and his administration have embraced a policy position regarding the Muslim world that is bigoted. The policy prevents the utterance of the terms “radical Islam”, “Islamic terror” and the like. The administration and its defenders justify this policy by arguing the use of these terms might alienate our allies in the Muslim world by implying Islam endorses violent jihad.

This policy assumes the world’s Muslims cannot distinguish between the concepts of peaceful Islam and violent Islam, and if we use the prohibited terms, Muslims might think we are impugning the entire religion. This is bigotry. The world’s Muslims are capable of subtlety of thought and analysis, and know as well as non-Muslim westerners that the jihadis of the world are indeed Muslim. I would suggest the policy insults the intelligence of the world’s Muslims, perhaps doing more harm than good.

May 25, 2016

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