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Muslims are seeking truth

Christians often err in believing Muslims are a huge, unified populating standing in opposition to the gospel of Jesus Christ. In reality, many Muslims around the world are not only seeking to learn the truth about who Jesus is and what he teaches¬†but are also coming to saving faith in Christ in unprecedented numbers. Rarely a week goes by that I don’t meet, or hear testimonies about, Muslims who have come to faith or are sincerely seeking to know Jesus. As followers of Jesus, we need to be proactive in meeting and developing friendships with Muslims, and we need to pray that God will direct our paths to those to whom Jesus has appeared in a dream, or those who are otherwise in search of the truth. How do we go about this?

First, learn about Islam. Read a book or two about the basic history, belief and practices, and theology of Islam. Next, plan your social outings in areas of your city where Muslims congregate. Locate mosques, Middle Eastern restaurants and grocery stores, halal butcher shops, or refugee settlement areas. Be friendly! Strike up a conversation. Use the typical Islamic greeting “salam.” Be deliberate and proactive in making a Muslim friend in just the same way you would with anyone else. As you live out your normal life with your Muslim friend, give him or her a New Testament, a Jesus film, or the “God’s Story” film in whichever language they prefer. Engage in conversations over spiritual matters, answering questions that arise as they read or watch. Share what the Bible teaches about Jesus, God, mankind, sin, and the crucifixion and resurrection. Allow the Holy Spirit to do his job.

Let’s step up to the plate and obey our Lord’s command to disciple all nations. God is working among Muslims. Why don’t we join him?

March 7, 2016

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