How can TCIIS serve your church?


1) Sermons

Dr. Mark Pfeiffer of TCIIS can speak to your church on topics such as “What is God doing in the Muslim world?”, “Evangelism and Muslims”, “Understanding Islamic Terrorism”, and “What is the Qur’an?”.

2) Seminars

TCIIS presents four- and eight-hour seminars that cover topics such as the origin of Islam, the life of Muhammad, beliefs and practices of Muslims, how Muslims view Christianity, how to develop relationships with Muslims, how to share the gospel with Muslims, understanding theological barriers between the Muslim and faith in Christ, cultural considerations, what the Qur’an teaches about Christianity, cultural paradigms and the gospel, and others.

3) Consultation

Dr. Pfeiffer is available to consult with church members on an “as needed” basis as they begin developing relationships with Muslims and share the Gospel with Muslims, and have questions or need guidance.

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