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Understanding Islam

This semester-length course examines Islam from a Christian perspective. The course covers the life of Muhammad, early Islamic history, the beliefs and practices of Muslims, the Qur’an and an evaluation thereof, hadith, sharia, Islamic theology, women’s rights, and sects and movements within Islam. The course will also equip Christians to effectively share the gospel with Muslims. This course will assist students in becoming disciples of Christ with a global focus, and an understanding and appreciation of Muslims, in order to become more effective ambassadors of Christ. We currently teach this course online at several Christian universities.


NOTE: For Home Schoolers and the General Public (those taking the courses without receiving college credit), the Learning Management software will automatically grade the objective tests. This includes weekly quizzes, the Mid-term exam, and the Final exam. The college course also requires three book reviews and a research paper. These are optional for you. If you do prepare them, do not send them to Dr. Pfeiffer. He WILL NOT grade them. For home schooling parents, if you wish you student to prepare these assignments, you will be responsible for proctoring them and grading them. You may then choose to assign to these projects whatever overall percentage of the course grade you desire.

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