Rajon Rondo denies accusations after being sued for allegedly shoving woman in parking lot

A woman who says she lives in the same Los Angeles apartment building as Rajon Rondo‘s girlfriend is suing the Atlanta Hawks guard and his girlfriend for more than $1 million over an alleged confrontation in the building’s parking lot. The woman claims Rondo cussed at her, shoved her, and the girlfriend physically assaulted her, leaving her with a permanent disability.

Rondo’s attorney vehemently denied the accusations to TMZ Sports (which broke the news of the lawsuit).

“The case is meritless,” Rondo’s attorney Mark D. Baute tells TMZ Sports. “I have seen the videotape. Mr. Rondo was polite throughout the encounter, the claimant was not wearing a mask and was unstable and rude. We look forward to defending the case and winning.”

According to the lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Toktam Jorshari (the plaintiff in the case) said Rondo had parked his car in the handicap space without a placard. Jorshari said she parked next to the space to unload a table, blocking off Rondo’s driver-side door, and when he saw this the lawsuit claims Rondo flew off the handle. After he cursed at her, she claims things got violent.

Jorshari says things escalated from there — and at one point, Rondo “with an extended arm, pushed and shoved [Jorshari] against her vehicle.” Jorshari says the push “was so violent and forceful that [Jorshari’s] sandal shoe flew off her foot and her keys which she held in her hand flew out of her hand and broke into two pieces when the key fell onto the ground.”

Once she was on the ground, Jorshari claims Rondo’s girlfriend “proceeded to repeatedly physically attack [Jorshari] by striking her in the area of her head and upper body.”

The lawsuit claims the entire incident was caught on the garage’s security camera, something Rondo’s attorney backs up. If so, that should help clear up the wildly divergent accounts of the incident (although often in this kind of case, the truth falls somewhere between the competing narratives).

At the time of the incident, Rondo was still a member of the Lakers, but he became a free agent this offseason and signed with Atlanta for two years, $15 million.